Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd. (CMCL)

Computational Modelling Cambridge Ltd. (CMCL) is an award-winning, R&D-driven company with over a decade of experience in offering practical digital engineering solutions in areas spanning decarbonisation, energy conversion, emissions reduction, air quality, materials and process design, urbanisation and mobility. Aligned with CDES (CMCL’s Digital Engineering Strategy) 2020, the company leverages its software products, namely kinetics™, SRM Engine Suite™ and Model Development Suite (MoDS™), to combine physico-chemical simulations with advanced statistical and data-driven algorithms.

CMCL embraces new technologies in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, to realise semantic interoperability with data and other software platforms for effective problem-solving and decision support. CMCL’s software has been globally applied by some of the leading manufacturers of chemicals/materials (GSK, Huntsman, Kronos, HeiQ, Birla Carbon, etc.) and vehicles/machines manufacturers (Caterpillar, Toyota, GE, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, etc.), as well as energy system developers (Shell, Chevron, EDF, Doosan, Alstom, etc.) to design and optimise their physico-chemical systems.

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