Innovation in Research and Engineering Solutions (IRES)

IRES has a core business and wide experience in the fields of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Exposure and Risk Assessment (hazard and exposure scenarios), Standardization, Data Management Plan (DMP), Machine learning, Quality assurance and Data analysis. We provide customised and tailored solutions on demand, often in tool form, successfully identify possible business risks and provide sustainable directions. For this, the whole lifecycle of products is considered, through a holistic evaluation of social, environmental and economic aspects based on EU standards and regulations. IRES in collaboration with external bodies and related initiatives, is part of new technological events, rising innovative technologies and strategic research trends.

Through its international network, IRES supports the development of innovative technologies and the optimization of products. Indicatively the company professionals have expertise in Project Risk, Ethics and Knowledge management, market trend analysis, feasibility studies, Impact assessment and Technology Transfer, Research in Materials Science, Development of tailored materials, Nanomaterials, Processing and Upscaling, Design and setup of prototypes, demonstrators, Ethics and integrity in research, Exploitation and Dissemination towards high technology readiness level. Finally, IRES has a direct link to EMMC, EMCC, CFPC, and relevant EU cluster initiatives.

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