Siemens Industries Software NV (SISW)

Siemens Industry Software NV (SISW) in Leuven (Belgium) is the main office of the Simulation and Test Solutions (STS) business segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software. It helps manufacturers create and maintain a Digital Twin of their products. The Digital Twin mirrors the behaviour of the product in its actual state throughout the various phases of its lifecycle, from ideation to realization and utilization. By providing a holistic solution set, Siemens enables manufacturers to digitally tie all these lifecycle phases together, which presents several advantages, such as greater insight, reduced development time, improved efficiency, or increased market agility.

SISW is active in functional performance engineering of mechanical structures (vehicles, aircraft, machinery, wind turbines…) and has an extensive methodology and toolset development track record in a wide range of relevant mechanical attributes, with, amongst others, over 20 years in durability/fatigue methods development and 10 years in multi-attribute structural analysis process solutions in industry. It has also 30 years of experience in professional software development, an accredited (ISO 9000) quality assurance process and organization, usability expertise, etc. This guarantees that SISW can make the transformation of the research results into a successful commercial software product offering.

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