Project Deliverables

WP1 – Cross Domain Semantic Interoperability Foundations

  • Deliverable D1.1 – Data requirements and KPIs/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D1.2 – EMMO middle level ontology/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D1.3 – Domain and application ontology/ Report/ Confidential

WP2 – Design and implementation of OIP core services

  • Deliverable D2.1 – Agile manifesto/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D2.2 – DevOps/ Other/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D2.3 – OpenMidel reference architecture/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D2.4 – CUDS classes and API/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D2.5 – OpenModel web platform with OpenAPI/ Other/ Confidential

WP3 – Standardised integration of thirdparty models and tools

  • Deliverable D3.1 – WrapperSDK/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D3.2 – Wrappers Roadmap/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D3.3 – Modelling wrappers/ Other/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D3.4 – Simulation pre/post-processing wrappers/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D3.5 – Database wrappers – OpenModeliDS/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D3.6 – Data modelling and analytics wrappers/ Other/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D3.7 – CAE wrappers/ Other/ Confidential

WP4 – OIP Applications and Workflow Builders

  • Deliverable D4.1 – OntoFlow internal prerelease/ Other/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D4.2 – OntoFlow MVP deployment with initial MCO/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.3 – OntoFlow First release/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.4 – ExecFlow deployment based on vanilla AiiDA integration of CUDS/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.5 – Demonstration of ExecFlow for at least one full workflow/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.6 – ExecFlow tested and ready for pro/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.7 – Vasic object based MCO with preseected functions/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.8 – MCO/BDSS services with workflow integration/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.9 – Creation of a validation and benchmarking database/ Other/ Public
  • Deliverable D4.10 – Development of deep learningbased wrappers/ Other/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D4.11 – Tools for web scraping and MNLP / Other/ Confidential

WP5 – Demonstration and Success Stories

  • Deliverable D5.1 – Success Stories data and models requirements report/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D5.2 – Data model collection/ curation and KPI report/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D5.3 – Preliminary use cases execution and gap analysis report/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D5.4 – Report on quality assurance ans go/no-go decision/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D5.5 – First demonstration of OpenModel OIP/ Demonstrator/ Public
  • Deliverable D5.6 – Second demonstration of OpenModel OIP/ Demonstrator/ Public
  • Deliverable D5.7 – Collection of Success Stories performance KPIs evaluation and feedback report/ Report/ Confidential

WP6 – Dissemination and Exploitation

  • Deliverable D6.1 – Communication and dissemination plan/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D6.2 – Innovation management plan/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D6.3 – Exploitation plan/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D6.4 – Training plan including internal and external webinars/workshops/events/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D6.5 – White paper operationalising materials modelling workflows in industrial R&D- a benefits analysis/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D6.6 – OpenModel business plan/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D6.7 – OpenModel business 12 month action plan/ Report/ Confidential

WP7 – Cooperation and Exchange

  • Deliverable D7.1 – Agreements on HPC platform cooperation/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D7.2 – Practical solutions for connecting MarketPlaces to HPC/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D7.3 – Cooperation and networking activities/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D7.4 – Specifications for common interoperability/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D7.5 – Collaborative demonstration/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D7.6 – Integration of OpenModel services on MMMP/ Report/ Public

WP8 – Coordination

  • Deliverable D8.1 – Project management manual/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D8.2 – Internal website operative to allow communication and flow of information between consortium partners/ Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D8.3 – Establishment of EAB/ Report/ Public
  • Deliverable D8.4 – Establish and follow up risk management plan report/Report/ Confidential
  • Deliverable D8.5 – Data management plan/ Open research data pilot/ Confidential

WP9 – Ethics requirements

  • Deliverable D9.1 – POPD-Requirements No.1/ Ethics/ Confidential