Composite Manufacturing simulation

This use case involves virtual manufacturing for an automotive thermoset composite component, i.e. B-pillar as depicted in the figure below which is manufactured by liquid composite moulding. A multi-scale modelling and simulation workflowwill be extended to performance simulation, including the effect of the manufacturing process (porosities/voids, dry spots, local fibre orientation). The partners from SISW will focus on the manufacturing & performance simulation of this B-pillar and will involve a multi-scale and multi-physics workflow that will be coupled to the OpenModel OIP.  The main goal of this success story is to connect the multi-scale and multi-physics workflow – to perform liquid moulding simulations for the manufacturing of fibre reinforced thermoset polymers – to the OpenModel OIP. The work in WP4 will benefit from the compliant wrappers created in WP3, that connect the simulation steps with the OIP, ensuring efficient data flow between the different tools.


  • Reduction of design & manufacturing costs