Metal forming: Resource efficient processing and manufacturing (Hereon)

Process-structure-property-performance (pspp) relationships enable the effective application of ICME, especially in classical metal-based engineering and construction. Lightweight- or hybrid design approaches towards resource-efficient “materials chains” can be accessed, improved, and adapted. Within this case, we will implement and link the classical pspp chain into the OpenModel framework based on data from metal forming processes and respective manufacturing routes. Based on existing experimental and process data on Al and Mg alloys and physical models, optimized rolling processing routines will be analysed and compared. Due to the high complexity of the involved thermomechanical physics, thermodynamics and its sensitivity to process parameters (e.g. as in the figure) the approaches will accelerate process optimization and adaption to sustainably produce semi-finished products for applications, like in the automotive industry. Hence, there will be less waste as more treated alloys reach the full cycle to an end product.

Hereon’s aim in this success story is to provide novel physics-based and data-driven models and efficient algorithms (PyTorch) to metal-forming end-users with the ability for the extension by physical models and to link them to the OIP.


  • Improved Process design
  • Improved process control
  • Shortened time to market