Fuel Cell technology (DCS, Toyota, Hereon)

As an answer to the demand of next generation conscious motorists, Toyota is producing Fuel Cell vehicles alongside our other alternative fuel vehicles to power a better future. The research is focusing on improving the overall efficiency of the system by increasing current density and cell voltage. In state-of-the-art Fuel Cell technology, anode and cathode are composed of Platinum nanoparticles deposited on carbon which is randomly dispersed. Anode and Cathode are covered by a gas diffusion layer made from carbon fibres randomly dispersed. The aim is to develop a new design of electrode and gas diffusion layer which is based on an ideal structure. The main goal of the material model workflow will be to test virtually different architecture design linked to the efficiency parameter of the fuel cell (Gas and water flow, electronic conductivity, heat generation, etc.).


  • Increased gas flow
  • Reduced water accumulation
  • Increased conductivity
  • Increased heat removal